Neither noblemen, aristocrats nor squires, Mr Voss men are fellows of another age. Suspended in the void between space and time, our gentlemen pair vintage tradition with modern values – transmitting chronicles from a parallel world.

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    • Mrs Voss Harlow candle


      Forever Young and Beautiful   The lights go down; the curtain closes; the smell of flowers fade. She has lived many lives; inhibited the bodies of lovers and fiends and friends. In their eyes; she lives forever – young and beautiful, brought to life by the applause.

    • Don Vitone Candle


      DON VITONE Don Vitone shines within this calculated, concrete jungle; the urban empire he’s come to rule. Concealed in smoky mystique, he strides the line between scandal and honour – forging his own path; substituting cologne for danger.

    • Signor Casanova Candle


      SIGNOR CASANOVA Cataloguing memoirs in worn, leather journals, animal impulses surge beneath refined, understated prose. Bid by the spell of Casanova’s pen, a lifetime of wooded meetings, biting kisses and clandestine victories rise from the pages.

    • Columbus Candle


      COLUMBUS The air carries the scent of promise, prosperous with exotic fruit and sandalwood. As foreign soles imprint the soft, benevolent earth, Columbus charts the breadth of the continent, declaring his brave, new world home.

    • Mister Frost Candle


      MISTER FROST When the chill drifts in on the shifting winds, Mister Frost makes his annual pilgrimage to the mountain. Caressed by the needles of one thousand mischievous pines, he climbs on, upward to the summit. At the pinnacle, he pauses. Poised on the edge of nowhere, the free fall beckons. With one foot in the air, he lets the…

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